Interview Instructions

WRITERS @ SL - Interview Instructions

Has Second Life® had a positive impact on your writing?

Would you like to share your insights with other people interested in using SL to improve their creative writing?

If so, please copy the questions below to a notecard in Second Life®, add your answers, bio, include a picture of your avatar, and send it to Camie Rembrandt.




1. How long have you been using Second Life®?

2. When did Second Life® become important to your creative writing? Was it something that happened immediately after starting using this virtual world? Or did you have to wait a few months, maybe even years, before incorporating SL into your writing routine?

3. Tell us a bit about what you do in Second Life®, as a writer: do you write in-world, attend events, maybe host some of them, do you mentor other writers?

4. Is there any SIM/virtual island/region that you find particularly inspirational, the kind of place every writer should visit?

5. Have you written any novels, short stories, or poems, inspired by your experience in Second Life®, or that take place in a particular region of SL?

6. What advice would you give to someone interested in writing fiction who has never used Second Life®?


[Feel free to write a bit about yourself and your work (both in SL and RL). Also, do add a URL to your personal website, or blog, and to any other pages where your stories, books, or e-books are published.]


You'll get a note (or IM) confirming that your notecard has been received.
If you don't get a confirmation note or IM after more than three days, please contact Camie Rembrandt in-world.

Very important: is a G-rated blog. If you're not sure about what that means, please contact Camie Rembrandt before sending your notecard and picture.