Silver Moon Unicorn

"I find that I can talk with other writers about anything we may have trouble with."

Silver Moon Unicorn at DeZe Park
(Picture by Camie Rembrandt)

Interview with Silver Moon Unicorn

Camie Rembrandt: How long have you been using Second Life?

Silver Moon Unicorn: About four years now.

CR: When did Second Life become important to your creative writing? Was it something that happened immediately after starting using this virtual world? Or did you have to wait a few months, maybe even years, before incorporating SL into your writing routine?

SMU: I'm not sure when it happened. I did write a book which was influenced by my avi and my son in world, White Lion Unicorn. I published it in 2013.

CR: Tell us a bit about what you do in Second Life, as a writer: do you write in-world, attend events, maybe host some of them, do you mentor other writers?

SMU: I used to attend Writer's Chat and Reader's Chat on Book Island until they disappeared. Now I go to the Writers' Meeting. I do also have a tendency to write or read or study another language while I'm in world.

CR: Is there any SIM/virtual island/region that you find particularly inspirational, the kind of place every writer should visit?

SMU: The Elven Glen has been inspirational to me. It helps me to get in touch with my elvish side... DeZe Park is also a good place. It tends to remind me of the planet Platinum, which is a world in my universe.

CR: In what ways do you find Second Life helpful for someone interested in writing?

SMU: It can be a visual representation of the worlds I create or similar enough that I can see them better. I find that I can talk with other writers about anything we may have trouble with.


Silver Moon Unicorn is the alter ego of Ali Noel Vyain, a woman currently living in the United States.
She lives in her own universe much of the time with at least one cat.